Debt Collection

If you are having problems collecting your accounts receivable, or are simply owed money by someone, then you have come to the right place. Debt collection can generally be broken down into three stages; we have provided an overview, as follows:

Stage 1 – Putting the debtor on notice

Our Firm is highly experienced in collecting outstanding debts for clients and are often able to do so by demanding payment and negotiating on your behalf with the debtor.
If you have a number of accounts that are still outstanding accounts, then please enquire about our Corporate Debt Collection offer.

Stage 2 – Legal Proceedings

If legal proceedings become necessary it is essential that you retain our Firm, as we are capable of having your matter expedited, in an efficient and effective manner.
The law has become quite complex, with different rules for each Court, and even different divisions within those Courts. At our Firm, you rest assured that all your legal issues will be dealt with in the appropriate course, so that there are no legal ramifications for you or your business.

Stage 3 – Enforcement

Generally these matters are not defended by debtors because the debt is conceded, if so we will endeavour to obtain judgment in your favour, against the debtor. The most important step then becomes enforcement of that judgment.
With our extensive experience in enforcement, we will be able to quickly and efficiently identify the most appropriate enforcement method(s). Our Firm has a proven ability to move swiftly, so that the debtor is not given the opportunity to dispose of assets and avoid their liability to you!

To make an enquiry about our debt collection services, call our office to speak to a qualified lawyer now.