Taxation Law is a complex, ever-changing, tedious, filled with mine-fields and Legal Lingo. Taxation Law is often left to Accountants until the issue becomes too complex or legal for accountants, or the accountant’s themselves become part of the problem.

Taxation Law may seem scary, however it doesn’t need to be. At G&S law group we ‘’get” tax and Taxation Law. The team at G&S law group understand Taxation Law and have acted for taxpayers and tax professionals, including accountants and tax agents, in relation to complex Taxation Law problems.
G&S law group are proud to deliver services that are efficient and effective when dealing with the ATO. Our expertise extends but is not limited to the following:

Taxation Law Advice

  • G&S law group provide highly complex Taxation Law advice to our clients in a variety of Taxation Law issues.
  • G&S law group advise in relation to the most Tax effective structures that best serve your purposes, whilst ensuring the Tax effective structure complies with the Income Tax Legislation, Rulings, guidelines, ATOIDs and the various other publications; to advising on transactions and potential Taxation Law implications where the Commissioner Private Ruling system was utilised to build upon the soundness of our advice.

Small Business concessions

  • G&S law group provide highly complex Taxation Law advice on the operation of the Small Business concessions available to small businesses with turnovers of less than $2million or assets equal to or less than $6million.
  • G&S law group have an intimate knowledge of Small Business concessions which has enabled us to provide advice to a variety of small business in minimising their capital gains implications by utilising the Small Business concessions.

Tax Professionals Advice

  • G&S law group have previously had to provide advice that limited our client’s liability to incorrect Taxation Law advice given by previous tax professionals.
  • G&S law group advised on both the amendment of previous Taxation returns and the set-up of correct Tax structures. G&S law group have provided such advice to clients in some of the following industries such as:
    • Medical profession
    • Accountant/Taxation/Financial advisers
    • Construction Industry
    • Transport and Logistics
    • Information Technology

Contentious Taxation Law Issues

  • G&S law Group understand the stress of having a contentious issue with Taxation Law. As intimidating as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO and Commissioner of Taxation) may seem, it does not need to be.
  • G&S law Group are experts in dealing with the ATO and its staff and have the ability to understand Taxation legislation and the policies it operates under as well as their ultimate motivator of “Collection of Revenue”. G&S law Group ensure that our clients only pay their fair share of tax and not one dollar extra.
  • G&S law Group have guided many clients through Taxation Audits, Client Risk Reviews and other Investigations conducted by the ATO. Our goal is to carry our clients through these highly stressful process as quickly and easily as possible.
  • G&S law Group understand the audit powers of the Commissioner and have assisted the ATO staff to carry out these tasks as quickly as possible so you can return to your normal income/business activities whilst ensuring that your rights are protected and you and your business are not fairly treated.
  • G&S law Group have lodged objections against various ATO decisions and amended assessments. In these instances, we often derived more favourable outcomes for our client by either:
    • Reducing the new extra tax (tax shortfalls)
    • Remitting and/or reducing the Administrative penalties
    • Managing the tax debt via entering into debt arrangements and instalment payments with the ATO.
  • As a last resort, we have often appealed to the Court (both the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“AAT”) and the Federal Court) where we felt that our clients were not getting a fair go from the ATO. G&S law Group have expert Tax Litigation lawyers who understand the intricacies of the Courts and the strategic advantageous of seeking Merit vs Judicial Reviews.

ATO criminal prosecutions

  • G&S law Group have vigorously defended criminal prosecutions of our clients by the ATO. Whether it is for failure to lodge tax returns or for accusations of providing false and misleading statements, we have a wealth of knowledge in defending these charges. We have obtained favourable outcomes such as:
    • Dismissal;
    • Withdrawal of charges;
    • S19B where no conviction is recorded.

Access powers

  • G&S law Group have guided our clients served with an Information gathering notice under the information access powers of the Commissioner. Whether it is a 263-264 notice or 353 notice, we have the ability to advice and monitor the conduct of such powers by the ATO staff.